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66 Bronco Hubcap Decals

For those who have the coveted 1966 hubcaps, you know that when you restore them or polish them the black "FORD" on the rear caps and the stripes on all of them often gets removed or does not look as good a new.

We have restored some of these caps and have never found a good way to cleanly paint onto the highly polished surface so that it has clean lines and will also adhere like the original paint did.

Therefore, we used vinyl when we did my Dad's 66 U13 years ago and they turned out looking great!

The photos above are the first set of these I peronally installed. They went on very well for not taking but about 10 minutes or so on this test piece.

Made from premium automotive grade matte black vinyl for an authentic look.

Rear Hubcap kit (does one cap): $12 for one, or $20 for a pair.

Front hubcap kit (does one cap): $7.50 for one, or $15 for a pair.

Complete set: $30 and will include one extra "FORD" and two extra stripes in case you mess one up during install.

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  • Image of 66 Bronco Hubcap Decals
  • Image of 66 Bronco Hubcap Decals